Psychotherapy is an inner quest that we can feel called to embark upon whenever we recognize that we have become separated from our own true nature or soul. A split in mind/body/spirit frequently occurs when our hearts have been wounded through trauma, loss, abuse, or any of the difficulties that life has thrown our way. This in turn tends to lead to a sense of alienation and meaninglessness in ourselves and in the world around us.

A mindful, empathic therapeutic relationship can be useful in helping to mend this inner split by working towards reestablishing a meaningful inner dialogue, developing compassionate self-understanding, and discovering your own inner truth.

During the process of looking inward, old wounds that have cut you off from your center and prevented you from being in satisfying relationships can be examined and healed. You can explore the issues that prevent you from finding meaning in your life and start to open up again to love. By healing your relationships with others and with your self, you can reconnect with your soul’s purpose and creativity, as well as the deep wisdom of your own inner voice.

Within a safe environment, we can work together on your relationship issues, depression, anxiety, grief, employment problems, spiritual crises, and difficult life transitions. I utilize an integrative approach that incorporates a depth perspective, mindfulness, Gestalt techniques, Jungian dream work, active imagination, and other symbolic and creative modalities, in order to foster greater self-awareness, personal growth, and self-love. My goal is to assist you in reconnecting with your own sense of inner peace, joy, and compassion.